April 2014: 

911websiterepair integrates the Securi Scanner API as a service for thier customers. This company has cleaned thousands of hacked websites over the years. Hacking cleanups cost customers thousands of dollars over time. By integrating the security API and generating one time scanner reports for our custmers we were able to short cut the malware removal process and save our customers time, lost sales, downtime and money. As the scanner API is open source the developers at 911websiterepair customized it to suit the needs of our customers.


May 2014

911websiterepair management decides that just cleaning and scanning websites for malware is not enough. As we have the experience and the development team in house, we pursued various firewalls to block the malware exploits from occurring at all. After testing various firewalls, the team decides on integration of simple firewall, akeeba admin tools and rsfirewall. These were effective in the blocking of hacking attempts. None of our client websites were hacked using these firewalls. But our customers needed more. We needed a firewall that would work on any PHP website regardless of the CMS used. After much research, we discovered an abandoned open source firewall that we were able to fork and make more robust. The firewall was implemented in July of 2014. We are so sure of our security, that should a website indeed be hacked, we will clean the website for free.


June 2014

911websiterepair starts the new company called Sitesassure.com offering subscription based security services for a small monthly renewal fee. 

Dependent on the number of domains to be protected, customers can select from Basic, Business, and Enterprise. Free installation and security management is included. No technical knowledge is required on the part of the client. 


July 2014

No one scanner is 100% effective against hacking so Sitesassure implements double protection. Using our customized Securi based scanner, the client gets a report everyday at midnight, if the site is infected, this report will identify the infection and the files corrupted, saving time and money in cleanup. The firewall suite now reports in realtime via email all attempts to get through the firewall. Double protection, double the reporting and double the savings.


August 2014

Sitesassure integrates Calm AV antivirus into the suite of tools. The virus scanner runs in realtime, but also allows for full manual scans, just like you would use your computers virus scanner. The Scanner is now run on every website on suite installation and any infections found can be cleaned, quarantined or deleted. This takes care of any pre-existing conditions immediately. It also should help prevent getting those horrible "YOUR SITE IS INFECTED" and is being disabled until fixed notices hosting companies are so noted for sending out. Hosting companies will tell you your site is infected, but generally will not help fix your website. Sitesassure Security Site can prevent your website from being taken offline.


Rob Jones, from Atanta Georgia is hired to manage the programming staff needed for installations, maintainance and malware removal.


September 2014

Sitesassure includes free malware removal into select monthly plans. Other popular services may notify you of a infection, but then charge you from $139.95 to $389.95 to clean. We believe in our protection suite that if you do get hacked, ( and no one using it has) we will clean the site for free.


Paul Dumont is hired as Business consultant to manage corporate scablity and customer service.


October 2014

Sitesassure adds a new basic scanner plan for only $4.95 per month. The plan includes scan reports only for the client that only want notices and to manage their websites themselves. Malware removal is an additional fee.


Sitesassure website is redesigned, including a new logo and branding. Users now access the various functions of there security suite from one simple to use dashboard.


Sitesassure strikes deal with Inmotionhosting.com, a highly rated hosting company to provide free hosting and support for 1 year for sitesassure customers. Although the hosting is optional, working with a first rate hosting company that complies with standard hosting protocols makes our job much easier. Customers taking advantage of the free hosting offer have their own accounts in their own name so they own the hosting account at all times.


November 2014

Siteassure offers one year paid in advance plans with a two month savings. The enterprise plan has a savings of $99.00 if purchased for one year in advance. The yearly plans include free updates and upgrades as they become available as well as the free malware removal.

Sitesassure integrates a file manager into the security suite. Now our staff can access and edit the websites file structure without needing to store FTP credentials. 


December 2014:

Sitesassure aquires new offices for our Chennai India development team. Our office manages three shifts of 30 developers seven days a week, 90 developers per day. Sitesassure does not outsource to a third party company in India. Sitesassure has its own offices and staff, all personally vetted by our US based management and working under the corporate banner of SpinzsoftUSA. 


Tristone Cinemas decides to screen the controversial movie "The Interview" at selected Southern California theaters. Sitesassure is selected as the security provider to protect their company websites from hacking exploits due to the showing of the movie. Within 24 hours the suite is installed and successfully blocks ALL exploits against the websites. The Attack Types included but were not limited to:

  • Cross-site scripting,
  • Cross-site request forgery,
  • Directory Traversal,
  • Layer 2 Intrusion,
  • Local File Inclusion,
  • Remote File Inclusion,
  • SQL Injection

    Said Josh from Tristone Marketing Department, "We are relieved that the Sitesassure Suite protected our website. Any down time or the need to rebuild our website, which is our primary source of advertising our shows could have seriously impacted our business. The Business Plan is well worth the cost and we will continue to rely on Sitesssure." We now have POMG (Peace Of Mind Guarantee)


January 2015

Sitesassure employs Michael Wilson to manage all aspects of social media advertising, including our Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter presence.

Sitesassure integrates the PIWIK Analytics Suite into our suite of tools thus making our services one of the most comprehensive available. Other companies offer thier services at 99.00 per month and charge additionaly for malware removal and have no analytics. Our hope is that for our low price of $24.95 per month, we are the most economical All In One Solution available. 


February 2015

Sitesassure partners with JoomlaRT, one of the larget template and component providers for Joomla, Wordpress and Magento. JoomlaRT suffered a recent hacking of which customer information was stolen and held for ransom. Through our partnership 1.6 million JoomlaRT customers were offered a coupon for 20% off our security plans. Sitesassure is also promoted through there blog posts. 


Webhostinghub agrees to integrate and promote SITESASSURE to there 400,000 hosting customers. Integrstion is in process.


CorePHP, a top teir PHP development house out of Chicago selects Sitesassure as there new website security solution for their servers, domains, and Fortune 100 accounts. In the first 6 hours alone Sitesassure blocked over 1000 hacking attempts.


March 2015

Sitesassure was invited to speak on website security at Joomla Day Boston. Our presentation materials are availabale on the top menu under Company. The engagement was successful and our staff was also invited to present at the Joomla World and National Conferences, as well as other Joomladay events in San Francisco and Minneapolis / St Paul in July.


Sitesassure entered discussion with the staff of a recently defunct security provider. There is talk of Sitesassure assuming their position in the market place and aquiering the marketing arm of the defunct company. At this time, companies cannot be revealed under NDA.

The attraction to Sitesassure is that we have superior security products. We were also sited for our scalability as a business and business model. We are anxious to make formal announcements.


April 2015

Through our arrangment with Inmotionhosting, Sitesassure will be the Spotlight Business for the month of April. Information about Sitesassure will be distributed to well over half a million hosting customers, many of whom have a histiry of being hacked. 



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